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1. Reducing the temperature in the interior
A film applied on widows reflects and absorbs solar and thermal energy by up to 80 % . The human body is also not bothered with sudden drops in air temperature.
Reducing the interior temperature has an effect on fuel intake since it reduces the need for car air conditioner.
2. Protects from 99% UV rays
No fading and no overheating from damaging sunlight you protect yourself and also your passengers.
3. Glare
Window tinting prevents glare from other vehicles.
4. Privacy
Privacy = traveling in comfort.
5. Crime
Today we know today that car theft criminals are very experienced, but window tint will at least complicate their efforts to break into your car.
6. Security
The same is true in the crash. Although in this day and age car window technology is highly advanced, car tint keeps glass intact and helps prevent from injury by shattered glass … so you can save life!!!

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