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Clearplex is the first and only protective film on windshields of vehicles in the domestic market that has been approved of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.

An unique features of this product are mentioned in the following lines:


  • Excellent protection of windshields from chips and scratches caused by flying rocks
  • Special protective layer on the film surface that resists scratches from wipers and normal wash in washing line
  • Clear, lucid, perfectly smooth surface you undifferentiated from auto glass
  • UV protection = 99%
  • Clearplex protective film absorb impacts on the windshield, which remains in its original state
  • Clearplex protective foil creates a bond that reinforces the windshield glass
  • Unspoiled windscreen strengthens the integrity of the entire vehicle and protect the occupants while driving
  • Environmentally conscious – Clearplex protective film reduces the need to replace your windshield and reduce your expenses
  • Efficiently rejects water from the glass surface
  • Patented product
  • Thousands of satisfied customers

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