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Polishing paint is another of our many specialties.

After training in Italy, we received a certificate from Rupes Academy Car Detailing in Milano.

Over time every car paint loses its original beauty and your car can get lost between all the other dull cars whose owners do not keep up with their polish maintenance.
In the outside environment there are lot of other factors, such as gravel, chemicals (operating fluid), insects, rain, dishwasher, hand washing etc., which can permanently damage paintwork.
Do not worry, because our trained personnel remove nicks, scratches or dull finish from any auto body.
Furthermore, we can remove stains caused by chemicals or unnecessary layers of paint.
Above all, our priority is the best look of each car and we make sure to pay attention to every detail with precision and meticulousness.
After finishing our work, you will not be able to recognize your car and wonder how looks better than when it left the factory.

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