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ART WORLD created for the true enthusiast of motor vehicles, art, and design and, of course, not only for them. Mainly because of their skill and years of experience with car stickers, our team decided to actively pursue a professional detailing cars. Over time, our team has gained very clever detailer who has long experience with renovations and paint applications Ceramic Pro, waxes, etc. What is important is to us is design and the final result of our work. We focus on quality and give ourselves enough time for the work to be completed at 100% and we see your satisfaction.  We work with professional equipment and the highest quality products of international brands, specially developed for detailing and protection not only cars, but also other equipment, art, design, printing etc.  Come see us in our beautiful Studio in Bořanovice, right outside of Prague, designed specifically for your cars and your ideas. On the walls of our 90 square meters studio, you will find wall to wall mural painted by our artist that is truly breathtaking.

We offer a large range of services, from basic steps to complete programs, such as. CERAMIC PRO (ceramic paint protection) car wrapping (design, color change, protection, and advertising), polishing, paint and headlight brand Rupes, waxing, interior cleaning, refinishing damaged by gravel, branches etc., mural painting, advertising production, graphic design and much more. 

If you are looking for the perfect care for your vehicle and professional approach, you’re in the right place!

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